Independence Day Diffuser Blend Recipe

Independence Day Diffuser Blend Recipe


Items needed:

Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oils


Essential Oils:

4 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

3 drops Orange Essential Oil


Add to your diffuser for a celebratory scent that will also keep bugs away!


Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Fathers are an important part of our lives. They were the people who taught us how to ride a bike, helped us with our homework and guided us into adulthood. This is why we celebrate Father’s Day! But, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be difficult. Below is a list of great gift ideas sure to put a smile on any dad’s face!


  • Home baked goodies. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!  Making your dad’s favorite dessert or meal is great way to show him you care in a loving, inexpensive way.  Baking a pie, cake or even a main dish is a wonderful gift you and your dad can enjoy together!


  • Basic Essentials. Every dad could always use a new pair of socks or shoes.  Find out what your dad needs and give him some basic essentials. Does he need a new pair of work boots? Are all his socks filled with holes?  Could he use a new coat?  Find out and treat your dad to a new necessity!



  • Sponsor a Hobby. Does your dad have a hobby he enjoys? For example, if he is a golfer, he may enjoy a new set of golf clubs. If he collects stamps, a great gift would be some new pieces for his collection. Simply offering to spend time with him doing something he enjoys is a wonderful Father’s day gift!


  • Men’s Care Products. Beauty products aren’t just for women. Items like aftershave, cologne, soaps, and other care items such as our line of beard grooming products make great Father’s Day gifts!



  • In this day and age, even the older population uses technology.  Does your dad need an upgrade on his phone, tablet, computer or TV?  Upgrading your father to a newer model is another gift idea sure to please even the pickiest of parents!




Father’s Day isn’t about the gifts, it’s about appreciating a very important man in your life. Take some time this Father’s Day to let your dad know how much he means to you.

Happy Father’s Day from White Naturals!