Watermelon Scrub, Exfoliating Bath Scrub, Gently Exfoliating Face &Body Scrub for Women, Cleansing and Nourishing Properties 10 oz

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A Recipe For Perfect Skin: Restoring your skin’s elasticity, vitality and smoothness is now easier than you think with the White Naturals body exfoliating scrub, which pampers and nourishes your body and face from the comfort of your own home!

Only Finest Ingredients: This body scrub is made with purest quality, all-natural ingredients, a special formula based on dead sea salt, shea butter, vitamin E, watermelon seed oil and extract, containing no additional chemicals or fillers.

Cleanse and Protect: Based on powerful natural oils such as almond, jojoba and carrot seed, this salt scrub thoroughly cleanses the skin from impurities and has a gentle exfoliating effect, helping get rid of dead cells and making room for new ones.

Nourishing Feel: The White Naturals watermelon scrub gives your body vitality, freshness and energy, promoting moisture retention and helping skin cells stay hydrated for longer. Enjoy a pampering, revitalizing feeling after each bath!

Delightful Fragrance: With an easy to apply texture which dissolves rapidly, leaves no traces and keeps your skin irritation-free, this bath scrub has a delicious smell that will delight your senses. Use it on body, feet, face or lips and you’ll be surprised by the immediate effects!

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