Easy and Great Pure Cocoa Butter recipe

First, let me remaind you that our skin is the largest organ on our body. So, If you are using creams and body butter with chemicals in them you should be aware that your skin absorbs the chemicals as well. That is why, we recommend to use an Pure Cocoa Butter for organic and healty cream.

This homemade body butter recipe is very easy to make. It is very rich,soft and nourishing as well. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and super soft. I’m sure you’ll love him and won’t stop making it.


120 gram of Pure Cocoa Butter

120 gram of Organic mango butter

90 gram of Organic coconut oil


1. At first, Melt the all the compliments in a bain-marie pot or glass bowl (double boiler).

2. Bland in a hand mixer manually a few minutes until the butters are blown up and have a fluffy texture.

3. Move into the freezer and let it cool down for 4 minutes..

4. bland again.

5. pour into a glass or plastic jar with a lid and it is ready to use.

To prolong the life of the body butter you can add 3 g of a mixture of antioxidants.