Essential oils kit set


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Essential oils kit set


Our essential oils kit contains six 10ml oils that are made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients, the Oils were hand-picked by our team to be made sure to have the best quality and combinations in the set. Each oil has its own unique benefits and works great when adding them to carrier oils, DIY soaps, candles, bath bombs, or aroma diffusers.
Eucalyptus: Our Eucalyptus oil has an amazing calming smell, giving you the feeling as if you are in a spa. This oil helps moisturize the skin to keep It hydrated and happy, full of antioxidants to keep skin smooth and shiny, helps with nerve relaxation and de-stressing after a long day of work, antibacterial to keep skin clean and healthy.
Peppermint: Our Peppermint oil has a fresh scent, like a breath mint for your skin. We find the scent also great to wear out all day to give you a small pick-me-up. This oil helps with breathing by opening up the long and creating better airflow, helps soothes muscles after working out, helps with headaches, and calms nerves for stress relief.
Tea Tree: Our Tea Tree oil has a fresh and clean scent as if you’ve just gotten out of the shower or the bath. This oil soothes skin to make it feel refreshed, fights acne and acne-prone bacteria from skin to keep it clear, treats dandruff and dry scalps, makes your hair feel clean and refreshed, and treats athlete’s foot after working out, in order to keep your skin smelling nice.
Sweet Orange: Our Sweet Orange oil has a wonderful combination. it gives its citrus scent. Sweet Orange is an amazing mood booster scent and great to apply to yourself right in the morning for all-day energy. This Oil is therapeutic for energy boosting, giving you a great start to your day, helps with treating skin scars, making them look close to invisible, natural skin cleanser, leaving your skin looking cleaner and healthier.
Lavender: Our Lavender oil has calming effects that it has on the mind. Surprisingly, this scent works very well with Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus, giving you an all-day calm state of mind. This oil mainly helps with balancing sleep to make for a healthy sleep schedule, helps with relaxation from stress after a long day of work, and helps to ease headaches and other mild nerve pains to help your body relax.
Lemongrass: Our Lemongrass oil has a light and subtle scent. This oil is great to wear out to business occasions, for it helps a lot with stress relief. Along with that, This Oil is used as a sedative to help with headaches and nerve pain, a pain reliever for muscles after a hard workout, anti-oxidant, contains antiseptic properties to keep your skin clean and healthy.