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Arabica Coffee Scrub for Exfoliation

Arabica Coffee Scrub for Exfoliation

A coffee scrub is exactly as it sounds: a scrub for your skin made from coffee grounds. While specific evidence is lacking, coffee scrubs are being touted all over the internet and in beauty magazines as potential methods of natural cellulite treatment. These products are prized for both their caffeine and antioxidant content that’s supposedly good for the skin when applied topically.

Cellulite itself refers to the dimples in the skin that affect most women and some men. The dimples develop when fatty tissues under your skin press against tissues closer to the skin’s surface. Cellulite can occur anywhere but tends to be most prevalent in areas where fatty tissues are present, such as the buttocks and thighs. Once you have cellulite, it’s very difficult — almost impossible — to get rid of. Treatment usually focuses on decreasing the appearance of the dimples. Coffee scrubs purportedly help treat cellulite in a variety of ways.

It’s thought that the caffeine in coffee can help dilate blood vessels and reduce the appearance of skin dimples. The skin may also tighten from the stimulating effects of caffeine by improving blood flow and eliminating excess water. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, which are thought to help promote overall healthier skin tone. These include phenols and plant-based chemicals that are thought to ward off free radicals in the body. 

Another benefit of a coffee scrub is the natural exfoliating effects of the coffee grounds themselves. Like other exfoliating scrubs, this can help remove dead skin cells and yield a smoother, more even look to the skin.