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Sandalwood Comb for Men
Sandalwood Comb for Men

Sandalwood Comb for Men


* VERY HIGH-QUALITY SANDALWOOD gives you a precise ergonomic shape that is a joy to hold. The Beard Comb for Men comes with a nice pouch to hold it. You get a firm grip to add more control as you comb and groom your beard to look its best. Sandalwood is water and dust resistant to give you many years of flawless service.

* DOUBLE-SIDED with fine and coarse teeth to let you easily glide through both thin and thick parts of your beard. This gives you all the tools you need to provide a customized grooming experience that makes your beard instantly look better than others. The precise teeth are perfectly shaped and ruggedly carved so they never break, crack, or fall out.

* BEAUTIFUL REAL WOOD adds a classic air to this remarkable beard comb. Not unlike the one, your great-grandfather cherished for a lifetime. This is 100% genuine high-quality sandalwood the only material the best beard combs are made from. It is eco-friendly and fashioned from a renewable resource.

* CONVENIENT POCKET SIZE makes this beard comb one you can take with you in your pocket, briefcase, backpack, or shaving kit. Just right for touching up your beard throughout the day for an attractive appearance and comfort. This comb will not break under the stress of daily use like cheap plastic combs. Step up to the premium quality of real Sandalwood.

* GET YOURS NOW Many people are stocking up with several of these to have one at home, one in the car, and another in a drawer at work. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this in-demand premium quality Sandalwood Beard Comb for Men in plentiful supply. It sells quickly this time of year. It makes a fine birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift for the bearded man in your life!