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Premium Charcoal Black Face Mask
Premium Charcoal Black Face Mask

Premium Charcoal Black Face Mask


Charcoal Black Face Mask

DO YOU WANT TO REDUCE YOUR ACNE? What you need to do is unclog your pores and control the excess oil production of your skin. You can easily do that with the help of the White Naturals Charcoal Black Face Mask, a peel-off blackhead remover that will cleanse and minimize your pores, detoxify your skin, and prevent the formation of spots and blemishes.

IMPROVING THE BLOOD CIRCULATION of your face by applying this mask. This peel-off black mask will cleanse your face and make your skin’s texture smoother than ever.

GIVE A HEALTHY GLOW TO YOUR SKIN: The charcoal blackhead remover will restore your skin’s health, and that will be visible from the very first use. Thanks to the nourishing and purifying properties of the charcoal mask, your skin will feel and look healthier, and it will have a beautiful glow that will make you look away, rejuvenated, and refreshed!

USE ONLY NATURAL PRODUCTS ON YOUR SKIN: Our Charcoal Black Face Mask is made with 100% natural charcoal, and it contains ZERO chemicals, additives, and fillers, so it is completely safe to use. Charcoal is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it will purify your skin and rid it of dirt, impurities, toxins, and bacteria.

INCREDIBLY EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE: Is it time to apply your charcoal peel-off mask? You should first open your pores with a hot towel or hot steam for optimal results. Then apply the black mask on the entire face or just your T-zone (avoid the eye area). After 20-30 minutes, peel off the dry mask from the edges and rinse your face. You’re ready!