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Cocoa Butter 8oz
Cocoa Butter 8oz

Cocoa Butter 8oz


White Naturals Cocoa Butter 8 oz is made from the world’s purest and unrefined Cocoa Butter solids.
Our products are all-natural and leave your skin feeling silky, soft, smooth, and looking more youthful. Our natural Cocoa Butter 8 oz was created to be safe for all skin types and provide nutritional moisturizing effects that last. After just one use, you will notice your skin feeling softer and more supple as a result that the skin’s natural elasticity will return.

Our organic Cocoa Butter 8 oz is an excellent source of protective fatty acids and it is very useful when making your own homemade moisturizers and skin care products. Furthermore, you can even add White Naturals cocoa butter to a steaming bath for a luxurious soak that will invigorate your skin from head to toe. Our organic cocoa butter absorbs into your skin easily providing beneficial moisture for a healthy glow.

Due to its natural emollient properties, White Naturals raw cocoa butter hydrates the skin and lips by locking in moisture when applied topically. It is also perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is gentle and will help protect the skin from harmful environmental

Cocoa Butter Storage

White Naturals Cocoa Butter 8 oz has a long storage life because it is naturally rich in antioxidants that prevent rancidity. It should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for best results.
There are Many Uses for White Naturals Cocoa Butter:

Soften Dry Feet
Nourish Cuticles
Apply as Lip Balm
Soothe After Shaving
Protect Skin Form Harsh Elements
Soothe After Sun
Tame Frizzy Hair
Groom Eyebrows